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Some useful suggestions for the acne scar remedies and creams

Posted on the 19 March, 2011 at 9:33 pm Written by Zenmed admin in Treatments

acne scar remediesAcne is a very irritating disease. It may very well damage your beautiful skin and even after the acne has healed it may even leave scars on your face which is maybe just as unsightly as the acne was in the first place. There are a lot of different scar remedies out there and it is important to know which ones work so you don’t waste valuable money and time. Natural remedies are probably the most advisable before you turn to over the counter medications because the over the counter ones are quite expensive and can cause some side effects. Natural remedies have no side effects however and they can easily be applied at home. Natural treatments usually involve the use of vegetables and fruits.

One remedy that has been known to work for some people is the lemon juice treatment. Lemon juice is acidic so what it can do is fix the coloration of the skin and also exfoliate the dead skin cells present on the skin. You should pad dry after washing your face and then apply the lemon juice on to the area on your face with the acne scars using the cotton swab. Leave the lemon juice on for about fifteen minutes and then wash it off using cold water. Do this consistently and you should see some improvement with the scars. This is an easy treatment that one can easily apply at home because all you need is some lemon juice and voila you are well on your way to remove those pesky scars.

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Aloe Vera is another type of remedy used to treat acne scars. This chemical has a sticky gel inside it so to use it to treat your scars all you have to do is to remove its outer skin and then apply the sticky chemical on your affected area. If you consistently use this method it will result in the fading of the scar.

It is also advisable to drink a lot of natural fruit juice rich in vitamin C. This helps the growth of collagen which will lead to an improved skin condition.

If you are looking for something fast and easy you could try some creams. Acnessential is a 4 percent niacin amide cream that consists of mostly natural ingredients. It is quite safe also. Many people have found that it alleviates their acne scar problems and in addition to this it doesn’t stain towels, it doesn’t stain clothes or bed sheets, and it doesn’t smell bad and is suitable for people with sensitive skin. This product also doesn’t require a prescription so it can easily be ordered online in the comfort of your own home.

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You should always visit a physician though before starting any kind of treatment program to get some advice and to also check if you don’t have any allergies that can be triggered by the chemicals in any of the remedies you are using.



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