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Proven Home remedies for pimples

Posted on the 01 March, 2011 at 2:39 pm Written by Zenmed admin in Treatments

Pimples are common in adults and they occur because of excessive oiliness in the skin. A pimple is medically termed as “Acne” and both genders get them. Acne in women and men is mostly due to stress they experience in their workplace. It may also be due to other specific reasons such as pollutionthat prevails in the living atmosphere, eating habits and hormonal imbalance of an individual. You might intake certain well-known blood purifiers that can control the acne outbreak to some extent.

An appearance of a pimple is a kind of nightmare to most of us. Let us discuss few effective home remedies that can cure acne before consulting with a dermatologist. The first and foremost preference should be given to the kind of diet that you take daily. Adding some fresh fruits, yoghurt, sprouts and salads will keep your skin fresh and healthy. Minerals found in fresh salads and fruits are capable of preventing acne eruption. For example Yoghurt is rich in vitamin B-12 and B-6 as well as minerals like Calcium, Potassium and Zinc. Zinc provides clear skin and resists fungal infections. Yoghurt can be taken as a food or applied externally over affected area.


People those who get recurring acne must avoid fatty and fried foods. You can supplement your daily food with omega-3 fatty foods that are abundant in Salmon fish and flax seeds. In order to balance the fatty acids you must avoid taking vegetable oils that contain omega-6 fats.A very natural resource, which plays a great role in preventing pimples, is water. You must consider taking eight glasses of pure water daily as it helps in the metabolizing of fats found in body as well as promotes fluid retention.

Lemon juice when taken along with water helps in regulating the body temperature. It also stimulates the perspiration in your body and keeps your skin fresh and cool. This remedy is more effective when you take it in morning in empty stomach. Lemon is a good cleanser and the morning dose will effectively remove all poisons from body providing you a glowing skin. People those who are sensitive to lemon can go for other remedies.

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You can also try some physical treatments to minimize acne. Astringent lotion can open pores of oil clogged and it can be mixed with your routine facial pack to get a clear skin. Sandalwood paste is a best-suggested common solution to get rid of pimples. It can miraculously reduce pimples overnight in few people. When you have itchy pimples, you can add rose water instead of plain water to make a Sandalwood paste. The combination paste works effectively on irritating pimples when it is applied daily during the bedtime. For any kind of home remedy that involves external application, you must thoroughly wash the face with water before application.

The above treatments are some of the proven home remedies, which can save you money spending on expensive cosmetics and dermatologists. They also serve as a kind of temporary solution when you have to get out for a party the next day.

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