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How to get rid of pimples within a week

Posted on the 07 March, 2011 at 3:52 pm Written by Zenmed admin in Treatments

Pimples can be very embarrassing; and they are quite difficult to deal with. Not only does it affect one looks, it sometimes calls for unnecessary attention. This can be very humiliating.  Daily we are always seeking for ways to get the pimples out of our face and we want done very quickly. The truth be told, good and clear skin is appealing to the eye and will help to attract people to us. First impressions means a lot and we never get to have a second chance at it. This is one of the reasons why we should strive at making our face free from pimples; to leave a scare free first impression.

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It is not impossible to have clear and clean skin that is void of pimples. Even if your skin is currently inhabited by a lot of pimples, you are not without hope. This article will be presenting you with tips that will help to keep you face, clean and smooth at all times.

You should keep in mind that there are a lot of ways that pimples can be combated and the once that will be mentioned in this article are just but a few of them. If a particular method does not work for you; you do not have to worry about that, all you need to do is try another method.  I will be focusing mainly on those remedies to pimples that are easy to reach and also produce quick results.

  1. Garlic: you can use garlic to remove pimples from your face. The way to use garlic is to apply the garlic on your face more than once in a day. You should continue with the process for a week consistently. By the end of a week, you will notice a reasonable amount of change.
  2. Fengureek Leaves: The use of Fengureek leaves is another means with which pimples can be removed quickly from the face. This is done by making the leave into a paste and applying it on the affected areas twice daily. You should allow the paste to dry on the skin before you it is wash off the face.
  3. Glycerin: a constant wash of the face with glycerin soap can also remove pimples from the face.  This should be done also twice in a day.
  4. Healthy eating habit: to get rid of pimples quickly, you will have to watch what you eat.  You diet should include a high quantity of fruits, nuts, turkey, chicken breast, tuna, lean beef, wheat food and other available foods that are healthy.  The foods that should be avoided include high quantity of fats, vegetables and sugars; these foods will cause an imbalance in the body system when in high quantity and affect the insulin. The best option is to avoid junks totally if possible and stick to the healthy foods.
  5. Water: you should increase the intake of water if you are on a mission of getting rid of your pimples. The water will help to flush out most of the toxic substances that are within the body. You should increase the quantity of water that you take in to 8 glasses daily.

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These tips will help you get those pimples that have been frustrating you out and leave your face clear and clean.

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