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Natural Acne Scar Remedies

Posted on the 16 March, 2011 at 9:16 pm Written by Zenmed admin in Treatments

natural scar remediesWhen the skin condition acne is healed often scars remain in the place where the acne was. The scars often look very unattractive and people who suffer from this unfortunate condition usually look for ways to remove their unsightly scars after they have been treated.

Many people believe that scarring is permanent and that there is no way to completely remove a scar but these people are misguided. This is incorrect because many people have scars that are faded and many also have some that have been completely eradicated. It is possible to bring back the nice look of your face by using some natural remedies. You should look for products that have scientific backing and not just old wives tales because there are many treatments out there that do not actually work. Thankfully here you will find out which methods actually work.

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One of these natural remedies that work include black gram and sandalwood paste. This concoction has been known to remove the acne scars and it’s make up is fully natural. To use this type of treatment you will have to apply the mixture to the affected areas and let it set overnight. You should then rinse off the mixture using cold water the next morning and this should set off the skin regeneration process.

Another natural treatment that has been proven to work on many occasions for acne scars is a mixture of cucumber and tomato paste. This is another treatment that promotes cell regeneration in the skin and detoxifying agents. This makes it a very potent treatment for the scar. When you mix these ingredients and apply them to the skin for about a quarter of an hour and you wash it off you will feel the difference. The pores should be more refreshed and tighter. They should also make the scar look lighter and this treatment will gradually get it to blend in with the rest of the skin. Soon enough the scars would have basically disappeared using this method.

Applying ice cubes to the affected parts of your skin is another way to make the pores tighten up. This is one area where more is better and the longer you apply the ice cubes on the affected places the tighter the pores become and the more likely they are to be treated successfully. The effects that the ice cubes have include the fact that they cool the skin, they moisturize the skin and they also get rid of the dead skin cells.

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Overall you should really make an attempt to keep your skin moisturized in order for these remedies to work. These methods are much cheaper than having cosmetic surgery or buying useless creams. You should also consult with a physician or a dermatologist before you begin treatment and notify him or her of any allergies or conditions that you currently have. Some natural ingredients may trigger such conditions so just check to be on the safe side. Remember you can eliminate scarring in many cases by just getting the right treatment.


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