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Natural ways for getting rid of pimples

Posted on the 04 March, 2011 at 3:12 pm Written by Zenmed admin in Treatments

natural pimple treatment Pimples are generally controlled or cured by suggested diet, few home remedies and certain oral conceptions. You can control up to 80% of pimples through the above methods. You also find many cosmetics that can help you hide pimples when you need to get out for a party the next day. But it is hard to find which one is safe on your skin as they involve chemical products. Home remedies are the best-suggested solutions for getting rid of pimples without causing much harm to skin.

As a first step, you can try washing your face by water with added salt. This method is an extremely safe method to remove accumulated dirt, chemicals and bacteria from the skin. This method is also suitable for all types of skin. You can follow this method as a daily practice to keep your facial skin clear of spots and for neutralizing your skin.

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A pure honey extract is a simple and great natural remedy to reduce or prevent pimples erupting on your face. Honey is a good cleanser and it is capable of removing impurities from deep within the skin. Its medicinal property helps in healing of eruptions and provides a naturally toned and radiant skin.

When you develop teen acne, usage of cosmetics or medicines is not advisable as they may damage your skin to a greater extent. As a teenager you need patience and allow the pimple to reduce on its own though you may face psychological problems. Because teenage acne is mainly due to change in hormones and usage of chemical products might spoil the skin. As a teenager, since this is your first time you have been noticing acne on your face, do not try to prick them.The pimples are usually filled with pus or clear fluid. Sudden puncturing might cause damage to your tender teen skin.

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You also number of natural products in the market that are developed especially for treating the skin ailments. For example plant products such as Aloe Vera gel and Tea tree oil are used to treat skin that requires beauty treatment. Tea tree oil consists of a naturally germ killing compound with minimal side effects. The oil is usually taken fresh out of the bottle and applied over the pimple area. Otherwise you can look out for facial products that have tea tree oil in them.

Aloe Vera gel can reduce redness and inflammation found in the pimples. It is available in shops in gel form or you can grow your own plants in your house. Simple crushing an Aloe Vera leaf will provide you a fluid, which can be directly applied onto a pimple. You can also intake Aloe Vera juice as it helps in cleaning the internal system as well stabilizing the immune system. Vitamins such as A and E also help in smoothening acne.

Apart from the above simple remedies, add lots of fruits and vegetables to your daily diet and drink plenty of water to get away the toxins from the body. Avoid fatty foods as much as possible.

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