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Acne Scar Natural Treatment- Get Rid of Those Scars Naturally

Posted on the 18 January, 2010 at 10:13 pm Written by Zenmed admin in Natural Acne Scar Treatment

Acne scar natural treatment

Acne scar natural treatment

Get Rid of Those Scars Naturally

Acne scar natural treatment is preferred by those who have reservations about using products that are not natural. Such people are wary of anything that is not coming from their kitchen or garden. There is good reason for this because these chemical may indeed have side effects that are dangerous. And the general rule is that nature rules over synthetic or other forms of materials.

Now acne scar natural treatment may not work for some. The skin type and the gravity of the scars can be factors that determine whether it might or might not work for one person or the other. But people generally tend to be in favor of the natural way. So these few tips will help the person that wants to go the natural way.

Oils gotten from nature can blemish acne. Some assert that mixing lavender and rosehip oils and applying them twice daily can remove those marks. Another is the rosewater/sandalwood paste that should be spread all over the face and left till the next morning.

Juice gotten from lemon is an effective acne scar natural treatment solution that helps to remove those dark scars. The acidic nature of its juice is said to be the reason for this. Dip a piece of cotton inside this juice, using it to touch the spots where the scars are but don’t allow it to stay for more than fifteen minutes then wash away.

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Your kitchen is a solution ground. Create a paste of lemon juice, sour cream with yogurt and oatmeal that has been finely grounded and apply to the affected areas alone for about fifteen minutes before cleansing your face with water and the effect on your skin can be amazing.

Your pineapple fruit can be used as a stand alone to treat acne scars. It is also acidic and can remove different forms of skin blemishes. Blend the pineapple and place on the affected area for not more than fifteen minutes and wash it off. Doing this regularly will cause the scar to fade away and you will enjoy the lovely fragrance that comes with it.

Another acne scar natural treatment is the mixture of cucumber with honey. Don’t use the honey if your skin is usually oily but you should use lemon juice instead.

A paste of baking soda can also do the trick but the thing is there are so many methods of treatment that getting an effective acne scar natural treatment remedy for you might be different from that of the next person. However, they are easier to get. Seek professional help to really guide you on the way you should go about it.

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