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Feb 28
Treat Acne Scars with Convenience

Treat acne scarsTreat Acne Scars with Convenience

The pre-teen years are times when we experience a lot of changes. Puberty is the main reason behind this. Acne is usually contracted at this stage.

Lack of proper hygiene when it comes to the body can cause acne. The pores on our skins are like very tiny hole. When these holes are filled with dirt and not washed, acne may result. This is because the clogged pores do not allow for proper metabolism i.e. the holes help in perspiration but when they are blocked it is hindered from functioning properly and the body reacts to this. Dead cells accumulate at the pores. They mix with the oil the skin naturally produces. The combination gives the bacteria that cause acne a proper breeding ground.

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Bad eating habits and general lack of essential nutrients for the body can also cause it. Eat food that is rich in vitamins and zinc. Avoid too much intake of oily foods because they help in the skin secreting more oils. Spicy foods too can bring about an imbalance in the hormones and this too can result in acne. Prevention is far better than looking for how to cure acne or treat acne scars.

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The scars can be hideous. And contracting acne is something no one wishes for. You can treat acne scars but knowing how to prevent it is better. We have compiled a list of things to do that can help in the prevention. Some of them too can help treat acne scars.

  1. Use warm water regularly to wash your face. This helps in clearing the dirt in the pores.
  2. Use sunscreen to protect your skin.
  3. Use clean and soft material to wipe sweat off your face helps clears the pores and keeps bacteria away.
  4. Avoid beauty products that have oil.
  5. Stressful situations creates imbalance hormone wise so it is best to avoid them.
  6. Avoid using your hands to squeeze those pimples. You are compounding the problem. It is a way of creating facial scars.
  7. Apply a paste of sandal on the acne, it cools it.
  8. Use a paste of flour and curd on the face and allowed to dry before washing away with warm water.
  9. Seek professional advice on your skin.
  10. Washing your face with a mixture of rose water and water helps mend broken skin tissues.
  11. For the rich, go for laser treatment. You need to see an expert before doing this.

There are many ways to prevent and treat acne scars. Watch your diet. It is an advice worth keeping. Going through the things above will help you deal with acne.

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Feb 28

3 Ways to Get Rid of Acne Scars

An acne scar on any place on your body can cause a whole lot of damage to your self esteem, especially when the scars are on your face. This is why getting to know just one acne scar cure and using it to help clear your skin is something people with such scars won’t mind at all. But we have even more than just one remedy in getting rid of acne scars. And as you apply the one that is most convenient for you we know you would find the results satisfactory.

We are going to look at some of the most affordable ways of clearing acne scars as against the more expensive ones even though they are equally effective. These are natural curative remedies that you can use to clear the scars left by acne without leaving your home.

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With these natural remedies the side effects that are associated with the other modes of clearing the blemishes are virtually eliminated especially as it has to do with skins that are sensitive.

  1. The first acne scar cure we want to look at is the use of oatmeal as a cleansing agent. It does not just deals with acne scars but other skin blemishes too like dark spots. The oatmeal powder is mixed with rose water and the paste formed is applied to the affected areas. The mixture can be washed away 15
    minutes later but it has to be with cold water, it acts on those areas by closing the scars and allowing them to heal. This has to be repeated daily to get the best of results.
  2. The second acne scar cure we want to look at is application of honey. Honey naturally acts against bacteria which is the main cause of acne. It also helps remove skin blemishes and scars. Clean the affected area and spread the honey over it and allow it to stay for about 10 minutes before washing it away.
  3. The third way is a compendium of on the shelf products that are in form of lotions and gels which come highly recommended by skin specialists. The key point to observe is patience when it comes to using a particular acne scar cure because it is the consistent use of one particular treatment that produces the desired results.
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    There are a lot of cures available now and almost all of them are quite effective. All that is needed on your part is to have enough patience not just to pick one but to give it time to do a thorough job of clearing your skin and leaving it blemish free.

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Feb 01
Home Remedies For Acne Scars

Home remedies for acne scars

Home remedies for acne scars

Home Remedies For Acne Scars – 10 Simple and Affordable Means of Dealing with Acne

There are various home remedies for acne scars and many are going for these methods of dealing with the condition rather than the traditional one of using creams and gel. The convenience it gives the person makes it something that any one would naturally go for. Taking home remedies for acne scars should go with a few things.

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Take lots of water, exercise and take supplementary vitamins with the home remedies for acne scars. They will add to making the condition go away quickly.

  1. As for the home remedies for acne scars, one of the most surprising one is your everyday toothpaste. Applying the paste on the affected area like a pimple will see it fading away within 24 hours.
  2. Extract the juice from lemon and mix it with rose water. Dab it all over your face and allow it to stay on for thirty minutes before washing it off. Doing this regularly will eventually remove the acne and that naturally too.
  3. The foliage of the strawberry does wonders on the pimples.
  4. One of the home remedies for acne scars is mint juice applied to the face or affected area.
  5. Make an orange paste with the skin alone. This can be done by blending it with a bit of water and then apply it to affected place.
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  7. The application of turmeric powder with mint juice mixed together on the face can also be very effective. This too should be washed with tepid water from the face not later than thirty minutes.
  8. Vinegar and salt mixed together is also known to be an acne scar remover. Spread them over the affected area as you would if you were using a cream. Remove from the face after about ten to twenty minutes.
  9. Home remedies for acne scarsYou can also use cucumber by turning it to a paste and spreading it over your face like a mask. It should be left there for about thirty minutes. This can also be used as a preventive measure as it has to do with acne.
  10. Another vegetable you can use is garlic. Apply it on the affected areas and doing this repeatedly will remove the pimples completely, the only thing is that you have to take this remedy with the smell that comes with it.
  11. Milk too is an effective remedy. You can use it with nutmeg to create a paste and then apply it.

Constantly applying any of these home remedies for acne scars will remove it but the might work for each person differently.

Professional dermatologist advice:

Don’t wast time on slow and ineffective home remedies, they will never fully treat acne scars. It is just a myth! Click here for solution!

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